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The following is important for understanding the context:
who's afraid of on. is an international initiative that promotes the analysis, development and shaping of online systematics. In Germany, an association of the same name was founded in spring 2002 and entered in the Hamburg Register of Associations in July. The association acts with the subtitle For developping of justness through online systems and develops justice-promoting measures with artistic and scientific methods. Among other things, the association was able to win the external service Communication Expertise for a valuable expansion of the spectrum according to the statutes.

In the context of such a communication expert opinion, a lawyer was called in by one of the parties involved in a communication complex to be assessed, who considered the expert opinion to be legal advice and called in the Hanseatic Bar Association of Hamburg [hrak] for what he considered to be a possible warning. A cease-and-desist declaration demanded on it was not delivered by the warned association several times justified. Nevertheless, the Hanseatic Bar Association filed a lawsuit with the Hamburg Regional Court. The lgHH sent the developer, author and also creator of the disputed expert opinion, Erwin Liedke, a complaint in which a reference of some kind to the association who's afraid of on. e.V. could not be ruled out. As a member of the board of the association, Erwin Liedke asked several times on behalf of the association whether the association itself was a defendant, since the association had not yet received any complaint and would like to defend itself separately if necessary.
On May 7, 2003, the scheduled hearing took place without service of process on the association - without the presence of the (uninformed) association. A judgment was subsequently issued against the association on the grounds of default.

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The association who's afraid of on. auctions/sells transparentCIs in the single value of € 100 with an edition of 180 pieces, of which 72 are available for the free participation, 84 remain in the possession of the association and 24 with GeheimRat.
. The value of the provisionally put on total of shares results by the integration of 2 competencies/capacities over a period of 15 basic fee units € 600,- each as well as the imaginary potential for the justice index by the activated measure. An extension of the edition is possible by additional value stresses at the earliest after 7 months in each case.

Each shareholder acquires the right to take temporary possession of the original letter, the work transparen543203 of GeheimRat for exhibition purposes of an economic, scientific or artistic nature in consultation with the department responsible for this at who's afraid of on. e.V.. Any costs for insurance, transport, etc. shall be borne in advance by the party taking possession.


The auction/sale of the share certificates will take place irregularly and optionally in other countries/platforms. There is currently no trading venue for acquired share certificates. A transfer and/or sale may be granted with the approval of the remaining shareholders. In case of refusal, the other shareholders are obliged to repurchase in the value of the purchase price + an annual increase of the nominal value of 6%. Each acquirer of a share must necessarily guarantee his own email accessibility. Changes are who's afraid of on. e.V. under the address n0 [at] to announce immediately. A change or extension of these regulations can be obtained with a 60% majority by the entirety of the shareholders, voting via email is to be used explicitly for this purpose. The transparenCI holders agree to the publication of their name and the number of their tCIs on The transparentCI will be sent by e-mail as an attached pdf file.

Any further activities regarding the facts and the exhibit are reserved to the buyer/acquirer.

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